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Level up with expert UX/UI game design

I’m Diletta Di Lullo, the Player 2 to your Player 1. Your guide on the mission to create impactful video game design and inspire gamers all over the world.

My career as an expert game UI artist started with my love of Japanese visual style. My passions for gaming and art grew, and I decided to chase them to Japan, leaving my life in Italy behind to train with world class game design professionals. I was both a foreigner and a woman on Japan’s gaming scene, and I fought hard to earn my place in that arena. What was once considered a weakness is now my strongest asset, as I spend my days bringing a fresh perspective to the gaming world.

I design gaming interfaces and graphics that create emotional experiences, transform reality, and bring players into a new world. I’m always working to develop my style, and for me, the game is just beginning.

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